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What type of material is the Kee Gate made of? What types of finishes do you offer?
- Our Kee Gates are made of steel that has been galvanized to ASTM A53 standards. There is also an option to powder coat over top of the galvanizing.
What range of adjustability is there for the Kee Gate?
- Our Kee Gates have an adjustability of +/-3.5".
Can I use the Kee Gate in an outdoor setting? Will it rust?
- Our Kee Gates are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. All of the steel pipe, components, and fixings have been galvanized (to ASTM A53) to give protection and long life to our product.
How long will the Kee Gate last?
- Our Kee Safety Gate's spring is tested for 50,000 cyles (Tested to BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 standard). This is approximately five times longer than the industry standard.



How do I install the Kee Gate?
- Please CLICK HERE to view our video installation instructions or CLICK HERE for a text version of our installation instructions.
What tools will I need to install the Kee Gate?
- As stated in the installation instruction manual, you will need: a marker pen, tape measure, 1No 15/16" Ring Spanners, 3/16" Allen Key, 1No 1/2" socket, No 11/16" socket, 1No 15/16" socket, Torque Wrench 10-60 Nm approx, small magnetic level.
What can the gate attach to?
- Our Kee Safety Gate comes standard with attachment mounts for round, square, and flat shaped pipe or materials.



Are these in stock? How quickly do they ship?
- All of our galvanized gates are in stock and they typically ship out within one to two business days.
Where do your gates ship from?
- Our gates ship from our North American Headquarters located in Buffalo, NY 14206.
How do Kee Safety Gates come packaged?
- Our Kee Safety Gates come in rectangular carboard boxes. The standard box dimensions are 47" H x 22" W x 4"H.
Can the Kee Safety Gate be handled by small package carriers, like UPS or FedEx?
- Yes! We can ship the Kee Safety Gate by small package carriers, like UPS or FedEx. We can also ship by LTL for quantities larger than 10.



Can you powder coat colors other than safety yellow? I want this gate to match my warehouse's color scheme.
- Yes, we can match any RAL color. Please contact us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you find the perfect color.
Are these gates available in aluminum or stainless steel finishes? Do you carry smaller or lager sizes? Do you make custom gates?
- We manufacture and sell the most commonly used sizes and finishes of self-closing safety gates. If you have a custom request, we may be able to provide a custom solution for you. Please email your request to [email protected].


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